Leave the science to the men with Science Papa

You knew it was coming. After Majesco sexually stereotyped women in Cooking Mama and Gardening Mama it was only a matter of time before someone decided to cram stereotypically male roles into a casual videogame. What’s the first? Why science of course! There’s no way a woman could be educated and scientific so this job goes to the men. Activision, hot on the tail of something that can make them money, has officially announced Science Papa for release this July.

People (of both sexes) will be trying to become the greatest scientist in the world. The game sounds like it plays a lot like cooking mama, except this time you’ll be pounding, cutting and mixing chemicals. All of the experiments will have real world science involved, so you won’t just be mixing red potion A with green potion X, and of course Activision is thus pushing the game as educational too. We may come down a little harsh on the casual gaming that is Cooking Mama, but we all know that if this is up to par with its female counterpart it will be another guilty pleasure.