Mass Effect 2 Prelude to E3 trailer

Turn your excitement knobs up to 11 people, the new Mass Effect 2 trailer is among us. This one has some meat on it too, with developer soundbites courtesy of the guys at Bioware, some nice juicy footage of the game in action and the most fantastic mustache you will ever see for the rest of your life. Trust us, it’s one serious lady tickler.

But lets get back to Mass Effect 2. Despite being pretty damn gorgeous the first time around, this one looks to be even better, with the devs promising a “better-feeling, better-playing game.” Intriguingly, characters not killed in the first game will carry over to this one, meaning if you managed to talk Rex down in the original game, you’ll have an extra companion here. Those of us that sprayed his lizardy blood over the sand, however, will be a friend down. I knew that was a bad idea, damnit!

We’ll be getting our sweaty mitts on Mass Effect 2 at E3, with a playable build of the game making an appearance at the event. Expect a whole heap of new info then.