New teaser site for Splinter Cell: Conviction

What would you do if you’d lost your daughter, shot your best friend and watched as the agency you’d given your life to threw you to the dogs? Would you make a deal so that you wouldn’t bother said agency and in turn they wouldn’t bother you? Nope. The answer is actually that your new game would get delayed because of how awesome Assassin’s Creed turned out to be, and then you’d run off to Malta.

A new, second teaser site for Splinter Cell Conviction has appeared and contains three timed features. The first is accessible right now, the next two come out on the 20th and 28th of this month. There is a trailer of sorts (after the break), if you like pre-rendered shots of the earth from space.

It also seems the rumored problems between the devs and Michael Ironside (voice of Sam Fisher) were resolved, if there ever were any, since the voice in the trailer sure as hell sounds like the good old Sam we know and love.