(Update) Rumor / Spy update next for Team Fortress 2?

Update: Well I did all this work and it was for nothing because Valve just confirmed it.

Original: Fans of Team Fortress 2 have been burned before, but this time it seems that the eagerly anticipated Spy update for TF2 may finally be coming.

Clue #1 – The rumors started circulating when the ‘Day 3’ Sniper update was revealed to be the RazorBack, which is essentially an anti-Spy tool that prevents those awful back stabs. The update page currently looks like this but as Valve forum user “Rlaro” pointed out, when the update first went live this was what the page looked like. Could be a simple artistic choice to remove the uncloaking Spy… but let’s look at some more clues!

Clue #2 – In the background of the aforementioned RazorBack update page, you see a dead Spy with his revolver laying next to him. Not that big of a deal unless you consider that he’s supposedly dead from using his knife to back stab the Sniper, and then getting jolted by the RazorBack. So, why would BOTH weapons be on the ground if he was just using the one? Maybe Valve is pulling a Lassie and trying to tell us something. Valve forum user “GetCatTonight” thinks that this revolver may actually be a new Spy unlockable akin to the classic 007 “Golden Gun.” A close-up of the gun does seem to show some sort of brownish, maybe even golden, tint on the gun.

Clue #3 – Here’s the one that carries the most water for me. A close-up on the dead Spy shows something yellow or golden in his left hand. A few months back “misterdevious” noticed some Spy related code had been added in the Scout update. This code mentions “feigndeath.” Now, if you are a hardcore Team Fortress Classic player, you’ll remember that the greatest thing about the Spy was that he could lay on the floor and look like a corpse only to spring up and start stabbing. Valve forum user “blah28722” thinks that this could all be tied to a Spy unlockable that is something like a pocket watch that allows the Spy to feign for a certain amount of time perhaps at the cost of weakening the Spy’s cloaking ability.

Please keep in mind that these are all rumors and absolutely none of this has been confirmed by Valve. However, also keep in mind that Valve loves to screw with you.