A million Free Realmers in 17 days

MMO Free Realms, which only just launched at the end of April, has already hit the million milestone of registered players. As a reward to those who signed up early, Sony Online Entertainment will be dishing out virtual T-shirts for the players and their pets to wear. The millionth player is also going to be the lucky recipient of a lifetime membership, a butt-load of (virtual) cash, and an astronaut suit. It’ll probably be that 13 year-old from Connecticut again.

Free Realms has proved rather popular with the kiddies, and will likely continue to Pokemon-style world domination with the release of trading cards and all sorts of paraphernalia. The ridiculously rapid rise in registered users is likely thanks to a dedicated marketing campaign from Sony (makes a change…). If you haven’t seen the cheesy TV ad yet, you can check it out below. Remember, kids – get your parents’ permission before going online! You rule!