Aion bumps NCSoft profits up

NCsoft was getting kind of bumpy back there with the Korean release of Aion. People said they weren’t going to do it, that they were down, it was the 4th quarter and they needed to pull a crazy play that would stun the masses. Well, it actually turned out that they needed more time as Aion has proven its potential as the amount of servers in the MMO has increased from 25 to 41 giving NCsoft $34.57 million.

Profit was also up from $5 million in the previous quarter to about $27 million this quarter which was attributed by Lineage and Lineage II sales as well as Aion sales. Its safe to say that Aion has prospered in Korea and with the Chinese beta becoming very popular, it has probably carved a good place for itself in Asia. Its Western release in the form of Aion: The Tower of Eternity will be another story, but from what our contacts in the Chinese beta have said, its actually pretty good.