And so it begins, Unbound Saga for PSP will bypass UMD release

It’s a comic. It’s a game. And now Unbound Saga is one of the first third-party PSP titles to forgo UMD entirely, releasing solely via digital distribution.

Like a spiritual successor to the cult classic Comix Zone, Vogster’s Unbound Saga places players in a comic book-inspired universe controlled by “The Maker,” a disembodied hand that draws all sorts of trouble for your typical tough guy protagonist to go up against. The title will be released exclusively on the PlayStation Store this July 16, following in the footsteps of Sony’s own recently released Patapon 2. According to Vogster’s Director of Marketing, Mario Kroll, it’s a path more producers will be taking in the coming months.

“We expect to see a growing trend where highly anticipated releases…will bypass the UMD format and the often challenging retail environment, being instead delivered directly to consumers,” said Kroll, calling it a winning scenario for both producers and gamers. “It avoids an unpopular delivery medium and costly manufacturing, while improving the timing and availability of great content to consumers when they demand it.”