Fable II has seen the future

First things first, this article contains major spoilers about Fable II‘s recent See the Future DLC, so if you don’t want to ruin the surprise go away and play it yourself to find out firsthand so we don’t get blamed for your teary-eyed disappointment.

For those of you care-free enough to stick around, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Lionhead released the See the Future DLC for their acclaimed title Fable II on May 12 at a reasonable 560 Microsoft Points. For that entry fee you’re given access to 13 new Achievements, a bunch of cosmetic upgrades via clothes, makeup and hair together with potions that alter your beloved canine companion (our favorite has to be the husky).

The quests in See the Future are provided by Murgo the Trader who tasks you with lifting the curses from things like a Snow globe and Golden Skull which, once completed, grant access to the Spire Tower for another meeting with blind seer Theresa who offers a glimpse into the future of Fable and Albion. Or so they claimed.

The very brief sequence sees your chosen hero aged and dress as a king, walking through an a line of soldiers, then a collection of your subjects before arriving at your grand throne. As you control the linear walk Theresa narrates how you will become responsible for not only your future but the future of Albion. But, in a cryptic twist, the camera pans to Theresa standing over a crib with a newborn baby and she remarks, “this is the real future, his child, not yet born, but destined for greatness. A child on whom the fate of Albion will depend one day. As will the fate of Aurora.”

And gamers collectively shout WTF?!

Avid players are already speculating on a change to Fable’s gameplay to become more like one of Molyneux’s God-games and about the nature of who, or what, Aurora is. Microsoft, Peter Molyneux and Lionhead may boast that the DLC offers a glimpse into Albion’s future but the truth is that, right now, it’s little more than a tease. And a bad one at that.

Don’t believe us? Watch, if you dare, below.