Famitsu releases Lunar remake screens

Famitsu’s website released a batch of screens for the upcoming Lunar Silver Star Story remake for the PSP. On account of not knowing how to read Japanese, I can only assume the game is being developed by Gamearts like the previous Lunar iterations. This is pretty big for JRPG fans and especially for me, what with the PlayStation’s Lunar Silver Star Story Complete topping my all time favorite games list. I remember paying in excess of $120 on eBay for the mint condition Working Designs release for the PlayStation. I didn’t regret a damned cent spent.

So, how does this re-re-release of the game compare? Well, for one thing, it’s a hell of a lot prettier with the PSP allowing a significant graphics push over the Sega Saturn and PSX. Everything seems to be adhering to the old versions pretty closely, only now it has an isometric viewpoint rather then directly overhead. The pre-rendered backdrops look quite good. RPG purists may scoff at the overhaul, but as long as the gameplay remains faithful (tough as hell dungeon crawling) and the story kept intact, I’ll be right there to jump on the bandwagon.

Now, I only wished Working Designs were still in business to give this game a proper localization.