Fight in the first person in NHL 10

Fighting is a time-honored tradition in both real-life and videogame hockey. Yet while real-life hockey fights have yet to evolve past the clumsy “grab, swing wildly, pull jersey over head” dance we’ve come to know and love, their videogame counterparts have grown increasingly complex over the years. What started as a cartoony scrum in Ice Hockey for the NES has become a strategic, one-on-one bout in games like last year’s NHL 2K9.

And now EA is attempting to evolve hockey game fighting even further by introducing first-person brawls in their upcoming NHL 10, which is due out in September. The Condemned-style fight engine is one of “more than 200 gameplay refinements that replicate the skill and finesse of hockey.” Anyone else hoping they add ultra combos and finishing moves by NHL 11?