360 and PS3 to get Battlefield Heroes?

This is either an error on EA’s part or a tantalizing slip up, but GOONL!NE caught the fact that DICE’s Battlefield Heroes has been listed for the PS3 and 360 on EA’s press site, and are marked for a June release. This immediately alerted me to the possibility that this is just a screw up, seeing that the game would only have at most a few weeks of publicity if it were unveiled at E3. Also a bit wonky is that the much delayed PC version isn’t scheduled for release until September. It would be weird if the lead SKU (as a manner of speaking, seeing that the game won’t have one) was released three months afterwards.

But man, just imagine if this somehow turns out to be true. If EA could somehow find a way to adapt its free to play format for the consoles, it’d be the first of its kind to my knowledge. I need a new shooter to jump on board, and what’s better than a free one?