ArmA II deploying earlier than expected

What’s this? A reverse delay? Those over-achievers at 505 Games and Bohemia Interactive have pulled a fast one on us and re-scheduled ArmA 2 for a June 19th release date. That’s a whole week earlier than originally planned! Don’t panic. I’m sure the higher-ups will let you reschedule that vacation day you had discreetly set aside as “pwn n00bs in ArmA2 day”.

This PC exclusive is shaping up to be the one of the most true to life military shooters hitting shelves this year. It promises to improve upon the realistic (so realistic that a modified version of the game is used in U.S. Army training) and tactical military combat that its predecessor was known for. Team-based combat, a tactical playbook, refined high command system, and enormous multiplayer battlefields are just few features ArmA 2 has in store.

Stay tuned for a TVGB preview of the game.