Be a Hero with your DS

Remember the good days when kids had heroes/heroines to look up to that weren’t scantily clad, or rather barely dressed, teen pop idols? Well, so does Majesco; and with the help of developer Game Life they are setting out to give kids a chance to experience faithful and heroic careers on the DS. Their new series My Hero will be hitting shelves this August with My Hero: Firefighter and My Hero: Astronaut for a budget price of $19.99. My Hero: Doctor will follow this December.

In My Hero: Firefighter, players will learn real fire safety tips while fighting house fires, forest fires and chemical explosions across 13 replayable missions. Players will have to navigate crowded streets to reach the fires quickly and use the stylus as a hose, axe and ladder to help rescue trapped people and pets. Rescuing people and their pets earns awards for bravery and help players advance to Captain. Along the way they can upgrade their equipment and trucks.

My Hero: Astronaut pits players in another space race to be the first team to conquer Mars. Again medals will be given to unlock bonuses, this time in the Space Museum. There will be 8 chapters and over 40 missions from piloting Space Shuttles, Space Rovers and Lunar Landers to exploring on foot or destroying meteors before they hit Earth.

The best so far sounds like My Hero: Doctor. Here players will use both the stylus and mic to remove foreign objects like bee stings or sea-urchins (sorry, no bullets in a kid game), mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and even using a defibrillator. CLEAR! Gold medals earn players a spot in the Hall of Fame and help to unlock three different ambulances throughout the game.

Its nice to see an effort put forth to get kids back to idolizing real heroes/heroines like this instead of lawyers, space marines, demon slayers or any of the other hundreds of awesome careers videogames can take you to. Still to come are My Hero: Hotel Heiress, where you do nothing but attend parties and make pornos and My Hero: Disney Star, where players juggle to keep balance between their singing career, television career and virginity.