Blind mountaineer blogging at Cursed Mountain site

This is just kind of cool. Deep Silver is having blind mountaineer Andy Holzer blog about his climb up Mount Cho Oyu over at the Cursed Mountain website. While pretty much unrelated to gaming in almost any way other than the fact that Cursed Mountain takes place in the Himalyas and the Cho Oyu is located there too, the ability to follow Holzer up the mountain via blog is far too interesting not to report on.

Holzer will be the first blind man to stand on top of a mountain higher than 8,000 meters since Cho Oyu is 8,021 meters tall. The team started climbing the mountain, which is the sixth tallest in the world today and hopes to reach the summit near the end of May. Right now you can head over there and learn about the first part of the journey which is basically getting to the mountain. Sadly the formatting of the blog is terrible and all squished. It’s a very interesting read though and a great little piece of marketing for sure. Hopefully the climb goes OK and we aren’t reporting anything terrible later on.