Blur blends realistic cars with ridiculous power-up perks

Bizarre Creations have been hard at work on Activision’s latest cash cow, Blur, and are finally ready to share more than the game’s monosyllabic name.

Recently released images showcase some of the game’s 20+ cars post power-up. Yes, for those not keeping tabs on the latest project from the team behind Project Gotham Racing, it features everything you’d expect from a current-gen racer – realistic cars, exotic locals, and convincing collision mechanics – with a twist. That twist being Mario Kart-esque power-ups scattered across the tarmac, giving players the ability to break the sound barrier, blast competitors into the stands and rain lightning death down from the heavens.

Activision isn’t the only one with high hopes for Blur, which will feature online and offline races in real-world locations ranging from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Hackney, UK and Barcelona, Spain. We don’t know if it will “do for racing what Call of Duty did for shooters,” as Activision CEO Michael Griffith hopes, but it does look innovative, combining photo-realistic vehicles and settings with a variety of outlandish offensive and defensive weapons. Until I can get those damn animal rights protesters to stop stealing my turtles and sabotaging the shell-launching mechanism I’ve soldered onto the frame of my Ford Focus, all my hopes and dreams rest in Bizarre Creation’s capable hands.