Create your own Left 4 Dead madness with authoring tools

If the survivor pack hasn’t been enough of a fresh boost to the zombie infested streets of Left 4 Dead then perhaps Valve’s newly released authoring tools will do the trick. Do you think that the Boomer would look better dressed as a clown? I know I do! What about the crescendo to Dead Air? Needs about 20 tanks spawned at once, don’t you think? Well now you can do all of that, and much more.

The tools that the developers themselves used to create the four campaigns of Left 4 Dead are up for grabs for you, and everyone else that owns the PC version. You’ll be able to include your own models, character skins, sound effects and music. You’re also of course able to create your very own campaigns start to finish. Valve being the community types they are, are also updating the match-making system to include the new user generated content. Maybe if some of the new maps are good enough, they’ll pull them into the official game like they did with Team Fortress 2.