Dead Rising 2 a no-show at E3

It’s official. Capcom will not have Dead Rising 2 on display at this year’s E3. And why is that? Blame it on the pigs.

Reportedly key members of the team, including executive producer Keiji Inafune, will not be in attendance due to fear of the swine flu epidemic. This new information coincides with various reports around the web suggesting that Capcom’s Japanese division may in fact skip the expo altogether. How this will effect the remainder of the company’s all-star lineup remains to be seen, though Chris Kramer, the company’s Senior Director of Communications and Community, claims that all other titles will still make their scheduled appearance.

I was rather excited to hear more about a multiplayer Dead Rising experience, but it appears the wait continues. However, the surprise unveiling of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for the US does leave some hope for more pre-show coverage of Capcom’s hot commodities.