DJ Shadow dishes on DJ Hero

Prominent and popular turntablist DJ Shadow been working behind the scenes with developer Freestyle Games to make sure  DJ Hero is as authentic a mixing experience as possible according to his  interview with Game Informer.

In addition to appearing in the game and contributing several tracks, DJ Shadow has helped tweak the music menu down, calling upon his encyclopedia knowledge of all things music to create a rhythm-based game that “happens to utilize the disciplines [he’s] spent most of [his] life appreciating and trying to master.”  Some of his ideas had “the production team’s eyes bulging out of their heads and their brains [about] to explode,” but the overall team was surprisingly receptive to his suggestions, cultivated from a lifetime of listening to music from different eras, in different styles, but with the same sense of passion.

“My personal goal with my contributions to the game wasn’t to try and be regimented,” said DJ Shadow. “It really wasn’t about that, it was just about, ‘OK let’s try and use songs from a lot of different places, and let’s try to include—yeah, let’s have some underground stuff, some more mainstream stuff, OK, let’s get some stuff from this era, wouldn’t it be fun to grab some stuff from that era?’ And then, you know, definitely like, ‘We absolutely have to license this, this and this, because in my opinion any DJ game without them would be kind of silly.’ So it was a combination of all of the above.”