Dragon Quest Wars headed for DSiWare

Every once in a while I’ll read a game title announcement and immediately get excited. Such was definitely the case with Dragon Quest Wars. The Dragon Quest series has definitely been a strange one recently. Dragon Quest VIII comes out to all the critical acclaim in the world, then four years later we get Dragon Quest V for the DS, even though it came out in Japan 17 years prior. So why would a game I’ve only played one true installment of get my this excited? Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, baby. You can’t play it and deny the magic. I’d say Rocket Slime is one of those games that was more fun than it should have been. An overachiever if you will.

So then what’s Dragon Quest Wars? Apparently, it’s a 4-player board game that you can play online. You then make a team using monsters from the world Dragon Quest and let the strategy begin. Now, if you were hoping for a full-blown DS release then you’re in for a bummer because the game is going to be a DSiWare download and will cost 500 points. However, what if I told you Dragon Quest Wars was being made by the Advance Wars team? Is that something you might be interested in? I thought so. DQW hits Japan in June.