Fighting the füehrer in Edmund McMillen’s Hitlers Must Die!

The upcoming Wiiware port of Super Meat Boy isn’t the only wonderfully weird project indie developer Edmund McMillen’s been working on, as evidenced by this beta footage for Hitlers Must Die!

The first track off of No Quarter, McMillen’s upcoming album of retro-inspired mashup games, Hitlers Must Die! features a starkly stylized protagonist fighting his way through waves of Hitler clones. It also features original sound design by That VideoGame Blog’s very own sonic wizard, Jordan Fehr! You see, we don’t just write about games. We are games.

If you’re interested in playing some of the most demented, delightful independant games ever made, this isn’t McMillen’s first self-released retrospective. This Is A Cry For Help collects more than a decade of his innovative games and comics, including browser-based titles like Aether, Tri-achnid and Coil, as well as previously unreleased material from commercial titles like Gish and Blast Miner. Just a little something to pass the time until the Adolph army arrives.