Game over man, game over! Aliens vs. Predator trailer, screens debut

It is with some amount of shame I admit my love affair with all things Aliens vs. Predator, even the much maligned movies, and SEGA’s upcoming reboot of the similarly titled videogame franchise looks to prove no exception.

The plot of the new Aliens vs. Predator, being developed by Rebellion, creators of the ridonkulously fun 1994 original, plays out like a space-bound version of the first movie. Only without Lance Henriksen. It seems some unlucky colonist miners have discovered an ancient pyramid on planet BG-386. And if my grade school history lessons taught me anything about pyramids, it’s that they are always stocked with rapidly reproducing Aliens for Predators to hunt during their traditional coming of age ceremony.

It’s all just a thinly veiled excuse for some Xenomorphs and some Predators to get together and start trouble of the acid-spitting, skin-ripping, laser-shooting variety while a bunch of space marines try not to get caught in the crossfire. There is no way to screw this up. In addition to 3-way online multiplayer, Aliens vs. Predator will once again feature three interwoven single-player campaigns for each of the three species: human, alien and predator. And, like the first game, it is recommended that those playing as marines equip themselves with a handy supply of adult diapers. Look for Depends’ stock to dramatically boost in early 2010.