Halo Wars “Strategic Options” DLC available today

With this I’ll officially be putting my fears of non-support for Halo Wars to bed. When Ensemble officially closed down, folks were afraid that their latest entry into the RTS world, Halo Wars, would be ignored in terms of DLC and support in general.  Then we learned that some of the former employees of Ensemble started a new development company, Robot Entertainment. Robot Entertainment is in charge of the maintenance and updates (DLC included) for Age of Empires and Halo Wars. They’re also working on projects of their own, of course.

So the “Strategic Options” DLC is available on LIVE Marketplace today. 800 Points will get you three new game types: Keepaway, Tug of War and Reinforcement. Keepaway is basically a form of capture the flag. Tug of War is a battle to score resource points. And finally, Reinforcement where you cannot build units. Instead, you have to survive enemies while receive units in waves.

You’ll also have four new Achievements totaling in 100 points to keep you busy in the game types themselves. One of which is receiving a Scarab in Reinforcement Mode. Good grief, thinking of the hours I’ll spend working towards that goal has me all sorts of nerdy.