High Voltage showing off new game at E3

The highly anticipated Wii FPS The Conduit has yet to hit store shelves, but developer High Voltage is already hyping a totally new IP. Details are scarce regarding the new title…and by scarce I mean virtually non-existent. The guys at the helm are keeping their mouths closed, hoping the product speaks for itself when it’s revealed behind closed doors at this year’s E3.

“I won’t say much about our new property until we unveil it at E3,” said Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer of High Voltage Software. “But I can guarantee that we are continuing to push our technology to the absolute limit in order to deliver experiences that are beyond jaw-dropping.”

The Conduit, however, will be on display for all attendees to take one last crack at before its release on June 23rd. If this mystery game carries over any of the positive press The Conduit has garnered thus far, it should be a pretty good year for High Voltage.