Killzone maps coming to Killzone 2

Sony will be waxing nostalgic come Jun. 11th with the release of the Flash and Thunder pack, a second DLC map pack for Killzone 2. Two maps from the original PS2 Killzone have been recreated from the ground up, in hopes that gamers will shell out more bucks for stuff they already have. All jokes aside, it’s sure lookin’ pretty.

The first map making a comeback is Beach Head, a smaller map with a coastal setting and an emphasis on close-range combat. The second, Southern Hills, is much larger in scope, putting the Helghast in a hilltop base that’s simply begging to get assaulted by ISA forces.

Despite early rumors of the Steel and Titanium being a free download, that first piece of Killzone 2 DLC hit the PlayStation Store at $5.99 a pop.  I don’t remember seeing any angry mobs take to the streets then, so it’s safe to say that Flash and Thunder will likely have a similar price.