Mario Kart helps teach kids to not text while driving

Normally when the mainstream media mentions the word “videogame,” it is followed closely with “tragedy” or some other mood killing term. Thankfully, the Vail Christian High School in Colorado has helped the Colorado State Patrol, the Vail Valley Medical Center, and the local sheriff’s department and firefighters cast a brighter light on the benefit of gaming to society.

The students took a spin in Mario Kart Wii while using mobile phones in the school’s ‘Distracted and Drowsy Driving Project.’ The project is among twenty others from schools around the country created in order to recognize America’s National Youth Traffic Safety Month and hopes to win the $10,000 prize for the best school safety program. Its goal is to show kids how distracted driving makes them suck at driving by having them drive Mario into a wall repeatedly.

We officially volunteer for the next project if it studies drunk driving.