New video shows off Grant City in Dead to Rights: Retribution

Shadow is back and ready to take a bite out of crime with his human companion Jack Slate in Volatile Games’ Dead to Rights: Retribution, due out later this year. The developer has taken the original Dead to Rights and remade the entire series from top to bottom, giving us a refreshed combat mechanic that combines shooting and brawling into one big heap of asskickery. The new fighting system blends hand-to-hand fighting with third person shooting that puts the full potential of a loose cannon K9 cop in the player’s hands.

The fly-by video above shows off Grant City as a huge silent* character in the game which plays a larger role than simply a backdrop from crime fighting. The city is rife with symbolism, in-game history, and causes a heavy atmosphere for the player to immerse themselves in. Before you leave, make sure to check out the gallery below to get a glimpse into the art concepts for the game, as well as a few screen shots of Jack and Shadow in action.

*NOTE: The term “silent” in no way refers to the constant annoying siren wail in the background.