Now accepting trade-ins at Walmart

Looking at how much money GameStop makes on trade-ins, every other company is following suit. started a few months ago — as well as Toys R Us. Now, you can even trade in games at Walmart! (Cue excitement noises).

Gamasutra reports that Walmart will now supply E-play kiosks at 77 locations and — on top of accepting trade-ins — will also supply rentals for $1 a day. Pricing for trade-ins will rage from about fifty cents to $25. Games are traded by scanning in bar codes on the games box. Apparently, there have been a few glitches where the games won’t scan or don’t even show up in the kiosk’s database.

Neocrisis has photos of the sexy kiosks where you can indiscriminately get rid of that old copy of Barbie Horse Adventures you’ve been too ashamed to trade it in in person. Or, you know, you can trade it off Amazon; or you can just keep it. You never know when you’ll have some horse riding pangs and no Elder Scrolls 4 in sight.