Possible trailer from next Team ICO game hits the web

If there’s one thing we’ve been craving more than than Duke Nukem Forever it’s definitely the next game from Team ICO. They are the masterminds behind the classic PlayStation 2 titles ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Ever since SoC we knew that Team ICO was working on another project but has remained very tight lipped on revealing any information until GDC 09. Fumito Ueda mentioned the next game from Team ICO would be similar to ICO during a panel discussion on game design at GDC earlier this year. Today PlayStation LifeStyle posted a video from what it claims to be early footage from Project TRICO, the supposed next game from Team ICO.

Without any sources to confirm this video we can’t claim it to be true. It looks very professionaly done with convincing graphics and really good music. It stars a boy and his griffin-esque companion as they navigate through what looks like ruins. It even starts with that infamous picture we saw a long time ago of a chain going down a deep hole. Whether this is legit or not, it certainly entertaining to watch.