Resident Evil 5 producer meets his accuser

It looks like the Resident Evil 5 racism talk is finally being laid to rest, with two of the people at the centre of the affair, N’Gai Croal and RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi, sitting down to talk out their differences.

Ex-Newsweek reporter Croal was one of the first take issue with some of the race representations in Resident Evil 5, following a screening of the game’s trailer at E3 2007. However, since that interview, Croal has attempted to restrict his comments until such time as he could play the game itself and talk to Takeguchi. Writing in the latest Edge magazine, Croal details those experiences, with a chat with Takeguchi at February’s DICE event offering some much needed closure.

“…Takeuchi went on to explain that the enemies with the grass skirts and spears were seeking to defend the ruins from intruders and that he’d been inspired by Indiana Jones movies, I felt like I once again understood where he’d been coming from,” said Croal.

“That a two-to-three-week trip to unspecified African countries and looking at a number of movies set in Africa alongside pop-cultural inspirations like the Indiana Jones series simply hadn’t been enough to sufficiently educate him or the team about the legacy of the imagery that they were tapping in to and, as a result, they’d lost control of their message. That’s my take on it, of course; I doubt that the man who sat across from me and thoughtfully answered all of my questions would agree.”

The article, the concluding piece in a 2-part feature entitled ‘In the Line of Fire’, appears in this month’s Edge magazine. You can read the first part at Edge Online.