Resonance of Faith trailer resonates with guitar riffs

Sega’s new RPG Resonance of Fate is an exciting time all around. Just listen to that guitar solo playing throughout the the trailer. They’ve also taken a key from Square Enix and gone the entirely CG route for the trailer because gameplay is for chumps. Visually the game looks like it takes from every RPG out there too. You’ve got all the standard JRPG cliches: feathered hair, suicidal girls, strange clothing, buildings that are structurally impossible. However, the vibe for the whole thing seems different some how, and it isn’t just the heavy emphasis on guns that is clearly visible.

Not too much is known about the game except that tri-Ace is behind it and it takes place in a floating city. It clearly looks like Sega’s attempt to jump into the Final Fantasy market, but I’m getting this random vibe that the game is going to be very original. I don’t know if anyone else is picking it up, but if you are maybe you can also help out and tell me which of the voices in my head I should be listening to.