See Fat Princess gameplay, behind the scenes

The internet is a wonderful thing, the general sense can be conveyed through pictures and punctuation, even when we have no idea what is being said; such is the case with the Fat Princess video posted above. While scouring this series of tubes for the latest game information, we stumbled into a foreign website that even Google could not translate properly, but we could definitely feel that the word awesome was in there somewhere. However, thanks to Deb Mars, Managing Producer at Sony Santa Monica, we now have some light shed on what is really going on.

The video, posted in the Home theater earlier this month, features Craig Leigh, from Titan Studios, Matt Morton, Associate Producer at Sony Santa Monica, and Mars giving us a peek into the ideas and inspiration that lead to the creation of Fat Princess. The trio talk about just how the idea of using a character as a capture objective came about, where the art style originated, and plenty of other random cuteness that makes this game more and more appealing.

Check the video out and let us know what you think about the game. Of course, you could wait until Thursday to download it to your PS3 and then tell us your thoughts… but in dazzling HD this time.