The Sims 3 leaks and then decorates its living room

Computer games just love to get leaked. No wait, computer games don’t actually have any feelings one way or the other. Pirates however love to leak videogames. The latest on the docket, and one that you may or may not have expected to see since it is so high profile, is Sims 3. The Inquistr (because they wanted to leave the vowels out, but you can’t do that after a q) has reported that the game was leaked on The Pirates Bay.

The files were just under 5GB and looking through the comments it seems like they’re pretty legit. The poster of the game, lordofwhee, said only that “he loves us all” and felt that was enough reason to justify the game leakage. EA hasn’t really reacted yet, but they probably won’t. The game is going to sell faster than Usain Bolt and considering the massive casual market you buys it I doubt a bunch of leaked versions are really going to set them back too much. Anyone planning on not buying the game now?