Somewhere over the vomit rainbow, Critter Crunch! comes to PSN

It just took two words to sell me on indie developer Capybara Games’ Critter Crunch!, the award-winning mobile phone game being given a high definition makeover for the PlayStation Network.

Rainbow vomit.

Yes, the cuddly, cutesy stars of this pull/push puzzler are on their way to internet infamy courtesy of this “2 Monsters, 1 Rainbow” trailer, which shows off both the gameplay and characters, furry Miyasaki-esque beasts with an insatiable appetite. The original Java game was awarded top honors at the 2008 IGF Mobile awards, and it’s easy to see why. The grid-based gameplay will be familiar to puzzle fans, but instead of matching colors or shapes the goal is to build food-chains, feeding smaller critters to the larger ones until they explode, clearing out their same species neighbors and dropping collectible crystals. Releasing sometime this summer, Critter Crunch! will include both co-op and versus local/online multiplayer modes, as well as Story, Puzzle, Challenge and Survival single-player modes. Can’t wait to get our munch on.