Spy achievements released, everyone at Valve fired

After Meet The Spy was leaked a few days ago many were worried that the man/woman responsible within Valve would be fired. A petition was even started to prevent this because he simply gave the people what they wanted. Well, in an effort to find the culprit, everyone on the staff was systematically fired, then 500 people were hired, and those people were then fired. I love you Valve.

From the TF2 blog: “I think I’ve found my man. Valve’s staff is now down to two employees: me and our Greek intern Stavros Xanthis. We’re sitting in the main board room, staring at each other from across the table. I turned up the thermostat as far as it will go. It’s hard to make him out behind the waves of heat coming out of the vents, but I think he looks guilty.”

The list of Spy achievements are now up on the update site here as well as the official release of Meet The Spy. There is also an extra achievement at the bottom explaining the whole debacle which can be seen above.