Steven Spielberg predicts consoles going “the way of the Dodo bird”

Filmmaking legend Steven Spielberg has been alive since 1946 so, in the subsequent 63 years, it’s safe to assume he’s seen more than his fair share of success and failure within the realms of technology.

The bearded-one is currently developing several titles for various formats, with Boom Blox and its sequel being the only confirmed, so with his indomitable knowledge and experience he shared his thoughts with The Guardian during their weekly tech podcast.

Despite gaming control systems heading towards more physically interactive methods, the director predicts the medium developing into a more visually interactive one, by expanding on the experimental idea of virtual reality. Virtual reality never really developed into an attractive proposition to the consumer, something Nintendo learned the hard way, and the concept vanished into the ether.

But pioneering filmmakers, such as James Cameron and Peter Jackson, have been experimenting with new forms of 3-D technology for motion pictures, something Spielberg feels could translate and develop into an interactive format. In his eyes, success in this way means consoles will go “the way of the Dodo bird.”

So if consoles go, how are we going to play games? Fear not, the ‘Berg is here once more with his clairvoyance as he predicts set-top boxes will be a thing of the past and that television sets will be the source, potentially via Cloud Computing.

The director certainly knows his stuff, having delivered classics like Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But he’s also made trash like Hook and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Speculate away on the futures of gaming technology by listening to podcast and chime in with your thoughts.