Valve and Arkane’s The Crossing hits a roadblock

Gamers who were eager to have the opportunity to experience the first-person shooter property The Crossing will have to temper their expectations for some time. The game, which was expected to meld both single and multiplayer action, has been delayed due to “unexpected financial challenges.”

Those were the terms used by Raphael Colantonio, CEO and creative director of Arkane Studios. In speaking with Joystiq, he mentioned that due to these challenges, the project had to be placed on hold. At the moment, the Arkane Studios team is shifting their priorities towards a first-person role-playing game and a casual game for the iPhone.
The financial challenges that are being faced by Arkane are mainly attributed to job losses within EA; at one point, they had to limit their workforce by as much as six percent. Considering the close relationship that EA and Valve, Arkane’s publishing partner for The Crossing, share, these negative circumstances would undoubtedly change Arkane’s fortunes for the worst.

At this point, it is unknown what will happen to game. Hopefully the companies can solve their financial challenges and release this product. Based on what is shown in the trailer above, it certainly sounds like a game worth purchasing.