Zeno Clash 2 announced

Yo dawg, ACE Team heard you like clashing Zenos. So ACE is making not only free DLC in the upcoming weeks, but also a full blown Zeno Clash sequel filled to the brim with Zenos for you to clash. Still in pre-production, ACE intends for this game to be larger in scope and continue Ghat’s adventures from the first game. Father Mother will be back as well with a new host of characters. ACE is planning to feature more open ended gameplay as well as RPG elements.

The Chilean game company is releasing a new Zeno Clash trailer to celebrate this announcement. On top of the sequel, the new update for the game was released today. There are now both Health and Time counters in the Challenge Mode, and — for the Italian gaming community — Italian subtitles are now available. Good job ACE Team; we’re looking forward for more Zenos to Clash.