Attention! New E3 is still not old E3

The more I hear about old E3 the more I’m sure it was a giant orgy, kind of like that city in the Bible that God smote. You know the one where everyone just had sex and sinned a lot. Evidently, that didn’t work too well so they tailored it back and it started to suck, according to those who had been there before. TVGB hadn’t been so it was pretty amazing either way, but we take the pros’ word for it. This year E3 is back though, bigger and badder then ever before! Not so fast.

Entertainment Software Association (ESA) boss Michael Gallagher says that this year’s E3 will not be the bloated spectacle of the old E3. “Last year we made some improvements based upon the input we received, but this show is not a return to the old E3,” explained Gallagher. “It is definitely much more reflective of the energy, excitement and creativity of our industry, but I wouldn’t say it’s our first ‘big E3’ or a return to the old one. It’s a show based upon what the industry needs to project as an image of the excitement we have in the pipeline for the rest of the year. It’s the right show; it’s not a particular reference to any prior year.”

So it’ll be exciting, but not too exciting. Either way TVGB is excited to be going and is looking forward to partying like it’s old E3 even if it isn’t.