Death’s daughter takes a holiday in first behind-the-sceens video for Venetica

It’s been a while since we’ve had any news on Venetica, Deck13’s sixteenth century styled RPG casting players as death’s daughter, but the German developers have been hard at work, exploring the streets, canals and hidden courtyards of real world Venice, Italy to create a hyper-realized version of the famed “City of Lights.”

Currently being developed for PC and Xbox 360, Venetica stars the Grim Reaper’s unwitting relation, a daughter named Scarlett, who must tap into her hidden powers in order to defeat a power-mad necromancer that no mortal man can kill. Thankfully Scarlett is neither “mortal” nor “man,” making her the perfect candidate for putting a spanking on the legions of undead. The look of the game is a lot like Fable, but much more epic in scale – the softly rolling hills of Albion traded for the dramatic, distinguished architecture of a fantastical version of Venice.

They couldn’t have chosen a more perfect setting, as the already dreamlike city is lending itself quite nicely to fantastical interpretation. Now, if only the story and combat are as good.