Lets assault some cute critters with Overlord II

The latest Overlord II video from Codemasters shows us more minion driving antics as the gremlin wanna-be creatures destroy every cute critter one could fathom. We certainly know that the world is a much better place without baby seals, pandas and obese royalty. The gnome punting certainly would make any gnomophobic player smile with sigh of relief and satisfaction.

In second video, Lennart Sas of Triumph Studios goes through the run down of the four returning minion types explaining their key functions and improvements. The Browns return as the melee force and are able to hold their ground better and absorb more damage. The Reds retain their roles as the fire imps launching fire attacks and absorbing fire which will aid your Master to overcome certain obstacles. The Greens continue to be the stealth assassins with their ability to become invisible and launch surprise attacks on their prey. And finally the Blues also make a return and perform their support roles with the ability to resurrect fallen allies on the battlefield. The Master will also now be able to take control of one of the minions to perform tasks that the large Master wouldn’t physically be able to do, like fit through small passage ways. All of this is generally more of the same when compared to the first Overlord but with a game like Overlord, more of the same is a very good thing.