Microsoft’s secret mega exclusive?

Gameplayer just got a scoop from Microsoft PR that come E3, Microsoft is setting up four behind closed door demo stations and that one of these demos will be for a yet to be announced, but assuredly AAA, exclusive to the 360. Of course, what exactly does AAA mean? Wouldn’t any game coming out from a company be touted as such? But I digress. Assuming that these four demos will be prominently associated with the Xbox brand, there really doesn’t seem to be very many candidates in the sequels department. Most of the high profile titles are either announced (Mass Effect II) or have details leaked (Forza 3). I’m sure Halo: ODST will inhabit one of the demos; possibly Alan Wake in another. The third slot may well just be another casual market cash grab similar to You’re in the Movies.

So, what could this mysterious fourth game be? I don’t see sequels to games like Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon being considered AAA. It can’t be Splinter Cell seeing that it’s been announced (and promises that “you’ll be blown away”). I’m guessing Microsoft will leave most third party titles to the third party publishers to deal with unless the title is big enough to really make an immediate impact to the console landscape. Could it be Kojima’s much ballyhooed announcement? The new Bethesda game? It could be anything, really, so instead of trying to predict what it could be I’ll be taking wagers as to whether or not this AAA exclusive will live up to the hype.