Monster Hunter Freedom Unite demo is GO!

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is headed to a PSP near you on June 23. Until then, Capcom wants you to get ready with little bit of practice by unleashing a demo today. The demo, downloadable through the PSN, brings some new monsters to the Monster Hunter world and has three different quests to try out. In addition to the new monsters, the demo will offer premade characters for each of the eleven different weapon types for players to take through the swamp, forest, and desert.

Also included in the demo will be the series staple of co-op gameplay through the PSP’s ad-hoc mode, allowing up to four players to go wabbit… er, monster hunting. Do not fear if there are no friends around, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will not leave players all alone in the single player mode, offering the opportunity to choose between Kota, a Melee Fighter, Ginger, a Bomber, and Melody, a Support type.

Stay right there kiddos, Capcom is not done with your training yet. Not only will the demo offer some hands-on time with the game, we will be getting a series of nine hunting tips videos, as shown above. One of  four Japanese masters will introduce the basic arcs of the game, the quest to become a master hunter, things to do in Pokke village, and how to power up your gear before… you know… hunting monsters.