Top PSone games to grace PSN

It’s been a long time coming but Sony is finally bringing some of the best PS1 games to PlayStation Network. The ESRB recently slapped ratings on five classic games to be released at an unknown time. The most notable games have to be Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. This compliments what Capcom said a couple months ago about some of its games coming to PSN. It would have been great to have seen these games released when MGS4 or RE5 were released, but better late than never we suppose.

The other three games are Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Spec Ops: Covert Assault and Spec Ops: Ranger Elite. Remember that we can download PS1 classics via PS3, PC or on the PSP itself. We can relive the origins of console survival horror and espionage action while on a lunch break by putting PS1 games on any PSP model or through the remote play feature. Perhaps this is a push to make the rumored PSP Go! more enticing if and when it’s announced. We’ll know in a couple weeks at E3.