Bad Company 2 multiplayer is definitely Battlefield

Since the original Battlefield 1942 it seems that the multiplayer aspect of the Battlefield series gets more intense with every installment. If the multiplayer trailer below is to be taken by its visual word, then Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will continue that tradition. What looks to be all in-game footage, DICE’s Frostbite engine seems to be humming along with a great shine and tons of action.

While the trailer doesn’t actually give us any real info on what the multiplayer facet of Bad Company 2 will be like, we can deduct that it will resemble the established feel of the conquest style frag fest of Battlefield games before it. It looks to be team-based as expected and we can also assume it will have classes due to the medic reviving the fallen soldier. Obviously the trailer is scripted and the end result will not look exactly like that, but we can assume based on the video that it will be a true Battlefield game complete with vehicles, infantry and support. DICE needs to hurry up and release some of these games, with all the Battlefield games coming out we’ll have a hard time choosing which ones to play first.