Fight Night Round 4 brings the pain, also an attention to detail

Fight Night Round 4 is the heavyweight champ of professional punching people in the face sims. There is no competition. Why they feel a need to brag about how realistic the ringside judges are, I don’t know, but here’s their new video.

Boxers no longer flex the whole time! I mean, I guess it’s a neat little touch of detail. Other touches include “authentic” entrances, responsive crowds and photographers, and perfect copies of the different real life venues players will be fighting in. EA even took the time to study how blood rolls down a boxer’s face, thanks guys.

Either EA is incredibly psyched and proud of their latest face-mashing masterpiece or the boxing rivals of real life have begun to intimidate their videogame counterparts. Lets just say this, how intimidated can a company be when they have Ali and Tyson on the cover?

Fight Night Round 4 will be pulverizing the competition when it comes out on the PS3 and Xbox 360 June 30th. Below are some new screenshots, too.