FUEL enters the record books as biggest console game ever

Skipping past the all too easy dick joke, Codemaster’s Fuel has officially been recognized as having the largest playable environment in a console game by Guinness World Records.

With more than 5,560 square miles of ground for players cover, including rivers, deserts, forests and mountains, the open world racer was an easy pick for inclusion in the next gamer’s edition of the best-selling guide, for which no record is too silly. But developer Asobo shouldn’t let the fact that their record will appear alongside “Smallest Videogame Dance Mat,” “First Videogame Series to Inspire A Ballet” and “Largest Virtual Beer Festival” detract from the magnitude of their achievement. Fuel really is massive in scale, taking more than three hours of pedal to the metal driving to travel from one side of the map to the other.

To put it into perspective, it’s larger than Hong Kong, Singapore, St Lucia and the Isle of Man combined. I won’t know until I play it, but if Codemasters and Asobo have managed to balance quantity with quality, this ambitious off-road racer could be the best gas guzzling games ever made. And I’d be willing to fabricate some very official looking documents that say so – in your face, Guinness!