Warner Bros. bids for Midway

Midway is on its last legs these days. Hobbling forward hoping that some other company will reach down and lend it a dollar so it can get a cheeseburger from McDonald’s and clear its head for a minute to really figure out how to make Mortal Kombat relevant again. Warner Brothers has done so, but instead of a dollar they’re offering $33 million, and really they aren’t getting a cheeseburger they’re just getting bought out.

The deal, if accepted, will give WB control over the Mortal Kombat franchise and Midway’s Chicago and Seattle based studios. Left out of the buyout are the San Diego or UK based New Castle studios. Also the TNA contract would not switch over, allowing the wrestling platform to move elsewhere.

The deal hasn’t gone through yet as Midway is seeking bankruptcy court approval before they move on anything. “Prior to court approval of the Warner agreement, there will be a court-supervised auction process to facilitate competitive bidding by other qualified buyers,” Midway said in a statement. “This process is intended to achieve the highest value possible for the company’s stakeholders.” Hopefully someone works something out because I’m not sure if Midway is aware of this, but this is a lot of people’s childhoods they’re messing with.