You got Mii in my DS

Kotaku has broken the much sought after secret code for the Wii, allowing the transfer of our favorite Mii onto our DS. Try it out by going to the Mii Channel. Now press A, then B, press 1, now press and hold 2. Okay, maybe it is not that sought after, but it leads us to wonder what other hidden button combinations are just waiting to be found. The code, revealed during a review of the upcoming Personal Trainer: Walking, allows our Mii to reside on the DS and represent how far we have walked.

Mii freeloading is nothing new to the Wii, as the ability to transfer the little things to Wii Remotes for transport to other Wii systems has been around since the console’s launch. However, this is the first game to support the Mii to DS migration.

We think that the functionality should have been brought to Glee Club in Rhythm Heaven so we wouldn’t get so upset at those evil little line drawing people.