Age of Conan survives a year

Then there was Age of Conan, remember that game? It shipped last year in May to many people who were eagerly anticipating its arrival (including myself). It was even announced by developer Funcom that it had shipped 1.2 million units. From there on, the subscriber count dwindled, thus they had to close more than half of the servers but that’s okay because Age of Conan is pushing onward.

According to their recent financial report, Funcom’s recent attempts at attracting more players to Age of Conan are paying off. With the recently launched digital trial of the MMO, the company has seen some promise on the trial to paid subscriber conversion rates. To add to this, 2009 has been a little better to the developer as they waste no time in mentioning that subscriber numbers have been more stable with noteworthy improvements in average subscriber playtime and subscriber period. Since its release, the MMO has seen several updates to content and performance and as it celebrates its one year anniversary, Funcom has announced that players can engage in several acitivities as well as contests.