Free new units for Empire: Total War

Looks like Empire: Total War players have something to look forward to… more units! And free! Don’t worry, pre-orderers or Special Forces buyers, these ones are different. Creative Assembly revealed that players will be treated to “one brand new unit, ten unique replacement units and four existing units ‘unlocked’ for other factions.” That new unit, apparently, is the Russian Grenadier Squad. Some of the additions are meant to add a little variety to the different factions, like giving each faction’s guard unit a unique look. Others can be to balance things out a bit, like giving the Dutch and Swedish factions access to the Hussars unit.

For those still addled by the game’s many bugs, don’t freak out that they’ve been spending all this time making new units when they should be problem solving, Creative Assembly had this to say… “The work on the free units is not taking away time for fixes, the free units do not require any work from coders just work by artists and by a designer. So we can, and are working both on fixes, and on this extra free content for you all.”

Always nice to see developers add some free extra health to their game. Did I really just use that expression? Ugh… expect the new units “soon” via Steam.